1. Cholesterol in Childhood
    Learn about recommendations for testing your child’s cholesterol and how to get it lowered if your overweight child already has a high total cholesterol, HDL level, or low LDL level, including the use of diets and statin medications.
  2. Cholesterol in Children
    American Heart Association Scientific Position that elevated cholesterol levels early in life may play a role in the development of adult atherosclerosis and that lowering levels in children and adolescents may be beneficial. Includes acceptable, borderline and high total and LDL cholesterol levels.
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  4. Step I and Step II Diets
    The American Heart Association Step I and Step II diets to treat high blood cholesterol, or hypercholesterolemia to help patients promote good nutrition by reducing saturated fat and cholesterol in their diet and lowering their LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  5. AHA Dietary Guidelines
    American Heart Association dietary guidelines for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by dietary and other lifestyle practices. Revised in 2000, the guidelines now place increased emphasis on foods and an overall eating pattern and the need for all Americans to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  6. Facts About Blood Cholesterol
    Information about cholesterol, including the causes of high cholesterol, signs and symtoms, diagnosis, treatments, and key points.
  7. Cholesterol and Your Child
    Article about cholesterol and your child, including who is at risk, monitoring and treating elevated levels, and how to help your child have a healthy cholesterol level.
  8. Cholesterol in Childhood
    American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on cholesterol in childhood, including healthy dietary changes and identify and treat those children at highest risk for the development of accelerated atherosclerosis.
  9. Diet Tips for Children With High Cholesterol
    Examples of good foods that will help your child eat right and lower their cholesterol levels, including healthier sandwiches and snacks.
  10. Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides
    Facts about cholesterol in children, including sources of cholesterol and what is LDL and HDL cholesterol, statistics about cholesterol, and causes of elevated triglyceride levels.
  11. Clinical Trials for Hypercholesterolemia
    Clinical trials about hypercholesterolemia in children.
  12. Ask the Pediatric Cardiologist: Cholesterol Readings
    I care for a seven-year-old child who has a cholesterol reading of 241 mg/dl. What is the normal level? What is the treatment for this?
  13. Improving Children’s Cholesterol Levels
    Results of a study that showed that school children who are taught about health and nutrition and also participate in physical activity programs show lower cholesterol levels.
  14. What If My Child’s Cholesterol Is High?
    Instructions for what to do if your child’s cholesterol level is high, including repeating the test, lowering fat in your child’s diet, teaching lifestyle risk reduction strategies and seeing a specialist.

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